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New Case Study: Leading by Example - Orange & VO

Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, with more than 236 million customers in over 30 countries, has established itself as a key player in the multiscreen OTT TV environment. A new case study tells the story of how partnering with VO, Orange managed to launch an innovative TV services on every screen, across multiple countries. Read more 


In the Internet of Things (IoT) – Is our TV a “Thing”?  

Internet of Things (IoT) - Is your TV a "Thing"?

IoT has been the buzzword in technology for years. Researchers predict that 4.9 billion connected devices will be in use in 2015, reaching 25 billion by 2020. What are the common features between the IoT and the TV Everywhere markets? Read more

Gamification: A Game Changer for TV Services?  

Gamification: A Game Changer for TV Services? 

Games are a good way to create audience loyalty and repeated visits by users, whether they are “real” games, reward programs, or business methods. VO’s CEO looks at Gamification and the ways to apply it in the TV world. Read more

The Signs Look Good for Net Neutrality  

The Signs Look Good for Net Neutrality

The vote on Net Neutrality was a big move and a likely game changer for the future of OTT. It frees mobile consumers from the increasingly complex labyrinth of arbitrarily blocked services and data caps, and gives the TV Everywhere model a further boost. Read more



TV Connect, London, Apr. 28th - 30th, 2015

Come meet us at stand 87. Learn more

  TV Connect

TV Leaders Summit, Cannes, May 28th - 30th, 2015

Parks Associates and VO's annual private event, gathering market leaders to discuss the hottest topics in today’s TV world. Learn more




Orange Deploys Multiscreen Connected Platform 

VO's TV Everywhere Solution, combined with Capgemini, enable Orange to provide a unified multiscreen experience to 23 Million French subscribers. Read more

Advanced Television  

Orange Deploys Viaccess-Orca's Voyage 

VO's Voyage solution, with RiGHTv as its core, dramatically streamlines OTT multiscreen delivery by facilitating the transition from two different legacy service platforms to a single unified platform.  Read more


Guide to Connected Sentinel


Download our guide to Connected Sentinel - DRM Platform



The Rise of TV Everywhere infographic


Download our infographic "The Rise of TV Everywhere"


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95% of C-suite executives expect their company to be using the IoT in 3 years’ time, 63% believe that companies slow to integrate IoT will fall behind the competition and 58% would like to see governments doing more to promote development & adoption of IoT. Read more

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